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2024 Highlights

YeeHaw! - Hear Marissa perform music inspired by American folk traditions alongside her colleagues in OLEA! (April/May)

American Landscapes - Marissa will be featured as the pianist in Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring" with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra (April)

New Beginnings - Marissa will perform program of all newly composed works for solo piano presented by New Music Chicago (August)

Contemplations on Democracy - A new program from OLEA (details coming soon)

For a full list of upcoming performances, click here.

2023 Highlights

On Preludes, Presented by Flight 88 - a solo piano program featuring a collection of preludes selected my Marissa juxtaposed with Florence Price's "Five Preludes." (April 2023)

Summer Dreams - program by OLEA inspired by dreamscapes. (June 2023 at the Price Hill Music Festival; reprised and expanded August 2023 at Piano Sensei)

Birnbaum in Ivory - solo piano transcriptions of music from Hebrew Union College's Birnbaum Collection. (August 2023)


Wind Blows Lotus Leaves - a newly commissioned work for OLEA, composed by Owen Hopper and inspired by movements from Tai Chi. (Premiere - September 2023, ImpromptuFest; Reprised - October and December 2023)

Perhaps We're Not So Alone - a program of solo piano works contemplating the human condition. This program featured works by Franz Schubert, Daniel Bernard Roumain, and Florence Price. (September 2023 at North Suburban Synagogue Beth El; reprised October 2023 with GroupMuse)


Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, performed with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago - Marissa was featured as the harpsichord soloist in this annual event celebrating the legacy of J.S. Bach (December 2023)

2022 Highlights

OLEA Presents: The Quartet for the End of Time - this in-the-round performance of Messaien's seminal work was OLEA's breakout performance in Cincinnati. (May 2022)


Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra - Marissa performed as the principal keyboard playing in this live-to-picture recreation of the John Williams score. (June 2022)

Catch - Thomas Adès' "Catch" is a game played by the four members of OLEA. (August 2022 at the Decoda Chamber Music Festival; reprised as part of Kate Kilgus' DMA recital November 2022)

Conflict and Meditations - a program by OLEA which explored the duality of conflict and meditation in music and everyday life. (September 2022)


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